Special Custom

What is the special custom: Custom Furniture is Westland Furniture making furniture according to the customers of tastes of different materials, different sizes, different colors, design, special requirements of different styles of furniture and production, so as to meet the special needs and requirements of customers.

Special custom process: To talk in the store with the furniture and furniture consultant requests, consultant advice, design drawings, customer approval signed by paying a depoist, the factory started production, completed within a month, shipping time is 30 days, the customer comes to the store after the inspection, after the satisfaction of the customer to pay the balance, delivery or store can arrange the delivery.

The advantages of the special custom: customers can receive furniture according to their choice of colour, the size of the room, material preferences, style of thoughtful design of unity, let one or a group of furniture better coordination in an overall environment, which shows the furniture unique temperament, style, both artistic and practical effect.